5th Grade Parent Orientation 2023

5th Grade Parent Orientation 2023
Posted on 04/17/2023

As many of you know, the IS (Intermediate School) is hosting an Incoming 5th Grade Student Orientation on June 7 during the school day.  Your children will be getting their first real look at our building and will be introduced to students and staff alike.  During their time with us, students will be welcomed into our cafetorium, where I will introduce myself as their new principal.  Mr. John Giordano, the IS Assistant Principal, and Mrs. Angela Waack, the 5th grade counselor, will also be there to help welcome all of the new faces.  From there, our Student Council students, led by Mrs. Favorito and Ms. Tripodi will be conducting an overall tour of the entire building and ending the orientation with a question and answer session.  We hope that the experience will help ease some of the completely understandable anxiety your children may be feeling as they look to leave their elementary schools.  

I am sure you are all feeling some anxiety of your own, therefore I would like to extend the learning opportunity to all of you with an Incoming 5th Grade Parent Orientation!  The parent orientation will take place on June 7 as well.  We will be opening our building from 6pm to 7pm for you to tour on your own and at your own pace.  This “open house” will be followed by a presentation in our cafetorium at 7pm, where we will go over important information for next year.  

We look forward to seeing you all!